What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching, I have asked a few cool dads to share with me their favorite Father’s Day gifts. I also asked them what dad really wants this year!

What Dad Really Wants for Fathers Day

The results were actually a bit surprising. Don’y worry I only put the Frugal Living Approved answers here 🙂

1. DIY Craft From Kids

Nothing says “I love you more than A DIY project from a child. It can be as simple as a drawling to more complex like a key-chain or a painted coffee cup, either way the message is there. When i was younger the big thing was to make were friendship bracelets and I remember taking thread and knotting it together for hours for all my friends. I made one and tied it to a key-chain that my dad still uses for the shed out back, 20 years later!

2. Card From Wife and Children

Write individualized notes from each family member on a card and give it to him with a homemade breakfast. I love getting personalized notes from those I care about. I always keep a card if it has a special message on it.

3. Photos Of Them With Their Dad 

Don’t just celebrate how great your dad is, remind him where he learned it all from with a surprise photo of him with his dad. If possible ask other family members for a photo or make it one he hasn’t seen in a long time. It adds to the sentimental value of the gift. You can even do a collage and put a photo of you and him next to it.

4. Home Cooked Meal/ BBQ

They say the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach right? Make him a nice home cooked meal or invite all the Dads you know and have a large BBQ. Nothing beats a nice day outside with those you love.

5. Quality Time Together

This was my top response from the Dads I asked! They just want to spend uninterrupted time together doing something you both enjoy. It seems all dads really want are some sentimental moments to share with loved ones. Personally my dad is getting ice cream and a movie date with just me!

Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad in the world!

SO tell me…what’s your Father’s Day gift idea this year?


  1. Victoria

    Great post!
    It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what to “buy” for Dad on father’s day and loose sight of sentimental value.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      That is so true Victoria!

  2. Cheryl

    I love this list! It is so thoughtful and personal. I really adore the one about a photo with their dad. We lost my father in law a few years ago and this would make a touching gift. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Thank you Cheryl. So sorry to hear about your father in law. I loved this idea too, I wish I was closer to “home” so I could find an old photo.

  3. Terri Steffes

    We love doing adventures together. For the past few years it has been a golf outing but I think we are all going to do a float.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      That sounds like lots of fun Terri. I hope your family enjoys it 🙂

  4. Sara

    I love this list! These are all so budget-friendly. My husband says all he wants for Father’s Day is a homemade German chocolate cake, haha. He also loves getting coupons along with the homemade cards we make.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Ohh German chocolate cake sounds amazing!!!

  5. Michelle

    I always buy an “experience” for my dad that we can share together. Our favorite so far has been white water rafting in Colorado 🙂

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Ohh that sounds awesome Michelle!! I’m sure your dad loves those memories together.

  6. Stefanie

    I think selfemade presents are alsways the sweetest! I think if i would me a parent I would love thatt he most

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      I agree Stefanie 🙂

  7. Jacqueline

    Dad’s are happy to get whatever you give them right? At least that’s been my experience. I think giving a Dad things that he loves or a homemade item is always appreciated.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      This is very true Jacqueline!

  8. Tanya

    You just gave me some ideas for what to get the dads in my life. Good ideas!

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Awesome Tanya, I hope they enjoy it 🙂

  9. Rets

    Quality time is the best gift that everyone can give to their papas! Anyway, thank you for this list, now I have more options to do for Father’s Day.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      QT is always the best gift 🙂

  10. Becca

    Love the picture with his dad idea!

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Thank you Becca!

  11. Rebeka Bergin

    The simple, sentimental gifts are always the best ones. I always send my dad a Moonpig card that I can add a photo to along with his favourite bar of chocolate and a good book!

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      thanks for sharing Rebeka, I have never heard of this before. I love the idea!

  12. ada

    Great post! Getting gifts for a fathers day is getting harder and harder every year! When you an adult Quality Time Together is probably the best gift for them! I see my parents only once a year but this year ill get to spend that day with my dad which I am very happy about it !

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Awe, that is awesome Ada, Hope you enjoy the day with your dad 🙂

  13. Rob Ainbinder

    A great list! And a great reminder. It’s more about experiences than things.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      thank you Rob!

  14. Hanka

    I think my husband would appreciate a good BBQ together with a good soccer match to watch! 😉

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      That is a great idea Hanka! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  15. Hteca

    Amazing…this helped me in writing the post I was facing difficulty in ….thanks for sharing.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      thanks Hteca. Glad I could help!

  16. Sylvester Vanessa

    These are some great tips! It’s the sentiment that matters!

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Thank you!

  17. Bryce Rae

    We don’t celebrate Fathers or Mothers day at my house. I don’t think we should need a commercialized day to show someone how much you love them.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      That is a great way to look at it Bryce.

  18. noel

    thanks for the ideas, i will go for #3 . such a good idea to find a picture of the two kids with their dad also, because I am always taking the pictures they are on my phone. daddy never gets to see them.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Thank you Noel, I’m sure he will appreciate it.

  19. Heather

    This is a great list! Homemade gifts and gifts from the heart really do mean the most!

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Thank you Heather, I agree!

  20. Malissa // Quotation Re:Marks

    This is a wonderful list! Too often people try to commercialize these holidays, when really what it’s about is the thought and love behind the “gifts” or time spent. 🙂

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      Thank you Malissa, I agree it should be about the time spent together not the gifts

  21. Amanda Speights

    I love this! I guess I am doing good so far, lol. My daughter and I each got Daddy a card, we are baking him a cake, and making him a fun picture frame with a photo of him and our daughter. We are excited! Lol, my little girl is really excited as she has been counting down the “sleeps”.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      That is so sweet Amanda, how old is your daughter? And who doesn’t love cake!?

      1. Amanda Speights

        She’s 4 🙂

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