Top Budgeting Tip

Everyone wants to save money. There’s always something exciting that you’d like to add to your house, a sweet gadget to buy, or an awesome get-away vacation you’d love to go on. Saving money can set you free, but it can also pose a challenge and shackle you down for quite some time. As enjoyable […]

What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching, I have asked a few cool dads to share with me their favorite Father’s Day gifts. I also asked them what dad really wants this year! The results were actually a bit surprising. Don’y worry I only put the Frugal Living Approved answers here 🙂 1. DIY Craft From Kids Nothing says […]

What Is Frugal Living?

As I begin this journey of frugal living I have had a lot of people ask me what that means. Frugal living can mean many different things to different people. To me the word frugal is about being logical with finances, it is not about being cheap. It is knowing my income and my debts […]