5 Tips For Getting A Raise

I have been working for a childcare center for the past 4 years. I absolutely love being with the children. But, as we all know the pay for a childcare teacher is not so great. I’m talking that I have been living off of less than $11.50/ hour for the past 4 years! I have a Bachelor’s degree and over $40,000 in student loans alone. On top of that, I am also in the process of getting my Master’s Degree and adding even more debt to the pot. I am living paycheck to paycheck and praying an event doesn’t occur that I will need an emergency fund cause we all know it is non-existent.I decided to grow a pair and ask my boss for a raise.

5 tips for getting a raise.

Let me tell you a few things I have learned along the way! Here are 5 tips what will help you when asking for a raise…


Be prepared by planning 6 months ahead. Have a goal set, and learn where you stand within the company. How are you valued? What can you improve on? Make sure you actually deserve the raise you are asking for.

Make a list of reasons you do deserve a raise:

I am an employee who never calls off, who is on time, and who gets their work completed by the due dates. Who helps others to overcome their struggles and succeed in the workplace. I am also a part of the moral building team that the company nationally offers. I have taken 2 separate courses to become a leader and move up within the company.

Make a list of areas to improve:

Sometimes I make negative comments about the workplace. I am always ready to rush out the door, I don’t switch hours with coworkers, and I don’t work overtime. I can put more effort in the weekly newsletter.

NOW, you have 6 Months to work on those areas to improve! I know making a list of your negative attributes can be hard. Everyone wants to think the best of themselves, there has to be an area you can improve on. If you are still struggling with this step, ask a coworker /or friend to help you out but do not hold what they tell you against them. They are only trying to help your future (and YOU asked for it)!

2.Make It Known

It is never a good idea to surprise your boss. Give them plenty of warning before actually discussing a raise. Tell them how you feel in a private discussion. Ask to talk about your income after work one day. Tell them you are struggling. Make it known you are on a strict budget. Don’t overdo this step and make it a pity party. Just let management know about the situation, they may be able to give you overtime opportunities.

3.Ask What Can Be done?

During the discussion in the previous step, you also want to be sure to ask what can be done to improve and either promote within the company or get a raise. Remember you still have 6 months to plan for. The answer to this question from your boss should closely resemble the areas you are already working to improve on. I told you to do this for multiple reasons. The first being, you won’t be upset hearing it from someone else. The second reason being, it will show you what the company is looking for.

4.Follow Up

Time is up! It has been 6 months you have been rocking the positive attitude and you are now ready to ask your boss for a raise! Remember to give them some warning to handle the discussion. Ask the day before to have a time set for you to sit and discuss your performance. This allows your boss to think over your efforts. It also makes you reliable for sticking to your discussion, NO TURNING BACK NOW!

Follow up with your discussion and state the things you have improved on and ask if they agree. Tell them you are still struggling and ask if they can increase your salary. You should also study and review the current earnings and how much raises within your company typically are. Usually anywhere from 2-5%. Be ready to negotiate this rate and have a set number you will refuse. Which leads me to the next step…

5.Take Action!

If you are still told no, without a reasonable explanation, it’s okay to find another source of income. Don’t ever feel locked into a job. If you work hard and are consistently a great employee, chances are another company will see that and offer you what you are worth. This may be challenging and downright stressful, but I promise you will not regret it.

Personally, I was told that I have had the most percentage raises I was allowed and that management does see where I deserve a raise, but the budget is already set and there is not room for a raise. I kept my cool and I went home and researched job openings, within 3 weeks I found a new job, and in a totally different field. Never have I been happier! I make more money, I have more control of my day, I am responsible for my own actions and getting my work done on my own time. Management is amazing, and I have already excelled beyond my expectations in the 3 months I have been there.

The point of this blog is if you love your job and deserve a raise just plan ahead and ask for it! If they say no be brave and move on. Someone out there will appreciate you and the work you will do. Have you ever asked for a raise? Do you have a tip to share? Please leave a comment and tell us! If there is something you would like to see feel free to email me at Kelley.Aroura@gmail.com, or come on over to my Facebook, like the page, and get the latest updates on future posts. you can also click Here to see a directory of my previous posts.




  1. Pamela

    I like how you pointed out make a list why you deserve a raise, but more importantly I like how you let readers know to write down where they need improvement. Employees knowing what they need to improve on and actually showing that they improved is a great way to display they deserve a raise.

    1. kelley.aroura@gmail.com Post author

      thank you Pamela! Yes I went into it knowing I’m not the best and tried to improve those things so I could later say “hey look what I’m working on I’m trying and I deserve it”.

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